What Percentages Should My Macros Be?

With the plant-based lifestyle becoming more prevalent in the mainstream, you’re probably reading lots of articles, books, watching videos, or talking to friends about what foods you should or should not be eating. It gets EXTREMELY confusing when you hear one thing is OK, and then you hear from somewhere else that it’s not OK.

How do you manage this dilemma?
I, too, have become frustrated lately with the mixed information being shared online. But, there is one remedy for this…you do what works best for you!

Sure, there are some basics that we all know are going to improve our health — like eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains are generally better for you than white, limit sugar and salt, and beware of processed food. But, there are differing views about what to eat beyond that, and you have to decide for yourself how you’re going to navigate those other “seas.” Your health is unique. Do what works for you!

If you don’t have an addictive personality and can handle chocolate occasionally, it’s probably OK for you. If when you bake a banana bread and it just stares you down from the counter until you polish it off, don’t tempt yourself by baking! Get to know yourself better! What makes YOU gain weight? What tempts YOU to overeat? What causes YOUR blood sugar to get out of control? What raises YOUR blood pressure. Get real with YOU! 

Yes, we should consider the science and research (UNbiased, of course!). And, we should probably test it out and see if what the research says works for us…and it may! But sometimes, we are the exception and not the rule.

In addition, log your experiences. If every time you eat a certain meal at a restaurant, your blood sugar soars into the 200s or 300s, that meal is probably not a good choice for YOU. If you gain unwanted weight eating unlimited rice and potatoes, you may have to adjust. If having a glass of wine gives you a headache, you may have to cut that out. Mark down what works for you and what doesn’t. Design your own specifications within this lifestyle that improve your health and wellness. Don’t fret if you’re not doing this exactly the way another person is. As long as you’re doing what optimizes YOUR health, that’s all that matters!

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