My Hunt for a New Food Processor – And I SCORED!

I used to own an expensive Cuisinart food processor that required a forklift to move from one counter to another. It was a drag to take out and use, so I finally got rid of it. Then, I moved on to the complete opposite spectrum by purchasing the Breville All-in-One, which was lightweight both weight-wise, but it also couldn’t do some of the heavyweight jobs I needed it to. For a couple of years, I vowed to buy the perfect food processor to use in my new home. YES! It took me two years to find the right one!

So, I researched. And researched. And, I talked to friends and members of my Facebook community. I got a TON of advice and recommendations–all sounded good but none of them sounded right for my needs.

Then, I found it! The Braun FP3020. It was horizontal in shape, which would fit PERFECTLY in the space I had earmarked for it in my new kitchen. It got INCREDIBLE reviews. It had a bunch of attachments and variable speeds.  It even had a juicer attachment and small batch cup. AND IT WAS CHEAP, comparatively! I was pretty sure it could handle the few rotating tasks for which I needed it. So, I ordered and it came.

My main uses for a food processor are the following:
1) Make veggie burgers and falafel batter
2) Shred carrots for salads and vegan dog food
3) Chop chickpeas for vegan dog food
4) Make nut/date pie crusts
5) Chop nuts – I can put a handful of nuts in the smaller bowl and chop nuts perfectly!
6) Make pizza dough and dog biscuit dough instead of having to pull out my standing mixer (that I dropped on my toes a few years ago!) –
6) Banana “Nice” Cream
7) Juice lemons and limes – I freeze the juice in ice cube trays to make future sauces, dressings, etc. 
8) Nut butters – In the smaller bowl, I can make the creamiest nut butters with minimal clean-up! I can even make raw cashew butter, which is sometimes hard to make.

Today, I made my pizza dough recipe with the dough blade, and it worked LIKE A CHARM! The key is to put in the flour, salt, and yeast FIRST and blend that for a few seconds on a low speed. Then, add the liquids (the aquafaba, maple syrup, and warm water) through the shoot SLOWLY on power level 7. It came out PERFECTLY!

My husband shredded carrots and chopped soaked chickpeas for our dog food last week, and he gave it a THUMBS UP, too! Hands down…this is the BEST food processor we have ever owned.

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