Help Your Peppers Live Longer

I have learned A LOT of tricks in the past almost 9 years eating plant-based, but one thing I worried about was how much produce I was going to waste if I didn’t eat it fast enough. So, you learn the trade and become an expert. 😁

That being said, I prep LOTS and LOTS of veggies every week, and my goal is to keep them alive so I can stay alive. Since I eat a salad almost every day, peppers is one of the veggies I include in my diet DAILY, so I knew I had to figure out the best way to prep them and keep them fresh for as long as possible (or I’d be prepping peppers all the day long!).

It’s actually a simple concept. The pod is your enemy, so you’ve got to get rid of him ASAP! As soon as I buy peppers, I remove the pod/seeds from the center. I store big chunks of pepper in a large, air-tight container, which I can cut to any size or roast at any time during the week. The key is getting the pod and seeds OUT! Your peppers should last ALL WEEK!

p.s. Several people have asked me HOW I cut my peppers. I cut off the bottom (about 1/2 inch up). Then, I slice from that bottom opening to the top in chunks–avoiding the pod as I go. I usually cut 4 large chunks from the sides.

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