Cook ONE Meal for Everyone eBook by Mrs. Plant

Cook ONE Meal for EVERYONE

FINALLY…the long-awaited eBook by Mrs. Plant!
Solving the dilemma for plant-based eaters who feed Omnivore family and friends!

After I posted that a new eBook was on the horizon, I have been getting lots of inquiries about what kind of an eBook this is. Is it a cookbook? Not really. Is it a weight loss book. Not intentionally (though you will probably lose weight if you eat a whole foods plant-based diet!). SO, WHAT IS IT???

Through the years, I’ve received a slew of messages from people who were frustrated. Since not everyone they had to cook for was plant-based, they felt like they had to cook multiple meals or make a lot of concessions to feed their loved ones. “What should I do?” they begged. “I am SO tired of this,” they admitted. Thus, out of these cries for help has come my newest eBook:
“Cook ONE Meal for EVERYONE: Solving the dilemma for plant-based eaters who feed Omnivore family and friends!”

Yes, this eBook was inspired by many discouraged home chefs, but it’s not ONLY for people with this dilemma. The ideas and inspiration in this eBook will help ANYONE who cooks.

Here’s to a PLANTASTIC 2022. I hope my eBook will make it just a bit easier.

PRICE: $12


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A couple of points about the eBook (based on questions I have been asked):

  1. This is not really a cookbook. There ARE suggested meals to make with lots of recommended ingredients to put in them (some of which are links to recipes–mine and some from other people who gave permission). This is more of an inspirational book and a reference guide you will go back to often rather than a cookbook. It’s hard to explain without seeing it.
  2. There are only TWO photos in the eBook: The cover page photo and a photo of my grandson. Photos are not needed because this is more of a guidebook and reference that you will go back to time and time again. YOU are the creative one. Take some photos and send them to ME!
    p.s. If you have to print the eBook, you will print less pages without photos. I was trying to be environmentally friendly!