Udon Noodles with Kale and Tofu in Peanut-Lime Sauce

Udon Noodles with Kale and Tofu in Peanut-Lime Sauce

Udon Noodles with Kale and Tofu in Peanut Lime Sauce

This is a recipe I make often for guests (who are not vegan), and they LOVE it! It's a delicious way to experience kale and tofu for the first time!
NOTE: I have updated the instructions for this new website, changing a few steps to improve the ease of cooking and the outcome.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Asian
Keyword: Kale, Peanut Lime Sauce, Udon Noodles
Servings: 3
Author: Mrs. Plant


  • 1 bunch organic curly kale rinse well, remove stems, and rip leaves into bite-sized pieces
  • 1 pkg dry udon noodles (see note below)
  • 1 pkg firm or extra-firm tofu press, drain, and cut into bite-sized cubes
  • 1 T low-sodium soy sauce (or 2 T of vegan teriyaki sauce)
  • 2-3 T dry-roasted peanuts chopped finely (garnish)

Sauce Ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup creamy natural peanut butter (no oil, salt, or sugar added)
  • 1/4 cup sugar (add a little more if the sauce is too tangy for you)
  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce or tamari
  • pinch red pepper flakes (or more if preferred)


  • Prepare the sauce by combining the peanut butter, sugar, lime juice, soy sauce and red pepper flakes in a medium-sized bowl. Adjust seasonings to taste, cover, and set aside.
  • Toss the tofu in 1T of low-sodium soy sauce or 2T teriyaki sauce and air-fry at 375 degrees or bake on non-stick foil or parchment paper-lined baking sheet at 400 degrees for 20 minutes
  • While the tofu is air-fry/baking, fill a large pot with water, and place it over high heat to boil.
  • Add the kale first and let it shrink down a bit, then add Udon noodles and boil for about 7-8 minutes, until tender. Depending on your noodles and kale, it may take longer. Check for tenderness of both the noodles and the kale.
  • Strain the kale and noodles in a colander, and let it sit at least 5 minutes so most of the water is drained out.
  • Return the noodles and kale to the pot and add the sauce. Over medium heat, warm the ingredients and gently stirring them with a wooden spoon or other mixing utensil. You want the sauce to thicken a bit and stick to the noodles and kale.
  • Serve immediately, topping each bowl of the kale and noodles with the air-fried or baked tofu and a small amount of chopped, dry-roasted peanuts.

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