Eat More Weigh Less by High Carb Hannah and Plantiful Kiki

Eat MORE, Weigh LESS by High Carb Hannah and Plantiful Kiki

I know a lot of you have already heard about this, but High Carb Hannah and Plantiful Kiki have just come out with an awesome Online Video Course (called “Eat More, Weigh Less”), eBook (called “Lean for Life,” which includes LOTS of recipes), and a PRIVATE support community. I have always liked their way of eating/living because it is sustainable and healthy. And, this new program is REASONABLY priced and the membership is for life!
Check it out at my affiliate link:
You know that I NEVER support something I don’t believe in or agree with! I am personally already involved and will continue to do so. I love engaging with other plant-based leaders when I feel like they are steering people in the right direction.

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